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26th DION Festival - 2018 Concert S. MALAMAS - TH. PAPAKONSTANTIN

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The new record of Thanasis, performed by Socrates, which was released in February, was the occasion to decide, as ready for a long time, the partnership for this summer concert on the tour "With a laughing mouth". Thanasis has been on the stage for almost two years, and Socrates, and listen to him, you are not happy with the unparalleled duchess of Chalkidiki. The expectation is great. Dating at the Cassandra Festival.

 The expectation is great.

Julia Karapataki: Song
Yannis Antoniadis: clarinet
Apostolis Yangos: keys
Dimitris Lappas: guitars, tzouras, bouzouki
Nikos Magnisalis: drums
Kostas Pantelis: electric guitar
Yannis Papadriadafillou: bass
Fotis Siotas: violin, viola, song
Kyriakos Tapakis: lute, bouzouki
Titos Kargiotakis - Makis Pelopidas: sound recording
Christos Lazaridis: lighting design
Dimitris Katevas - Alexandros Ktistakis: Stage Technicians

 Ticket prices:

Pre-sale, Student, Unemployed 13 €
Entrance 15 €

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