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The castle of Platamona

The castle of Platamonas

A jewel of architecture and tradition.

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The castle of Platamonas is a castle of the Frank period built on the position of the fortified city of the mid- byzantine time, north- east of Olympus, in a short distance of the present- day town of Platamonas, on a strategic location which controls the way to Macedonia- Thrace- Southern Greece.

In this castle we come across the three main characteristics of the medieval fortresses: the first precinct, the second which is the acropolis and the central tower. The spacious external wall of the castle is polygonal, is fortified by the towers set in irregular spaces and is preserved in a good condition. Its entrance is in the south- east side while at the same side stands out the deserted bulwark (or maybe barbican). The height of the walls are up to 9.5 meters from the entrance on the right and 7.5 meters on the left, while thickness as between 1.2 meters and 2meters. Between the two gates of the central entrance there was an extra tower, deserted today. The second precinct has 6-7 meters height and in the north- eastern corner there is an unusual tower with a square external perimeter and circulars internal. This tower has a tile- roofed byzantine type dome.

On the north- eastern side, the magnificent central tower of the defensive complex, is rising with its octagonal shape, of height 1.6 meters and 2 meters thick, whose entrance was for security reasons, of height 3.45 meters from the surface of the earth with access with a wooden ladder.

"Unbelievable view from the castle of Platamonas. "

For the travelers who reach the municipality of Pieria, undoubtedly is worth visiting the impressive castle, while there are other places around which are suitable for daytrips, such as Old Panteleimonas on the sides of Olympus.

It is the best preserved castle of north- central Greece, with its imposing central tower above the highway.


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